3411 east 12th street
ste. 134
oakland, ca 94601
(fruitvale bart station)

M-F 5am-8pm
Sat & Sun 7am-6pm

phone: 510.536.face (3223)
about our location
When the Fruitvale Village project started five years ago, the theme was realizando el sue–a, Spanish for "realizing the dream."

In Fruitvale, apparently, the dream doesn't end, it keeps moving on down the street to where powderface stands today. With an estimate of 9,000 BART passengers daily, powderface was designed with the every day commuter in mind, giving them a well-deserved break from the normal tedium of the every day. We are proud to contribute value and aesthetic appeal to the community as well as provide the occasional venue for weekend entertainment and overall great food.

When you first walk into our venue, we hope you will take note of the tremendous thought and detail that went into the process of blue-printing, architecting, and building of the location. We spare no expense when it comes to your experience at powderface. Between the vibrant ambiance and our passion for perfection, we're confident that you'll come back for more. If you haven't stopped in already, come experience it for yourself.

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